Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm constantly buying books that I can cut up and use in my collages. Paper bits are the most important detail when I decorate envelopes! I'm a big fan of neat illustrations, diagrams and maps. Most of my time spent in thrift stores is spent hanging out in the books section, looking for the perfect books to take home.

I'm not sure when I picked up these rad books but I'm happy I did! Anything with illustrated in the title needs to be purchased. The images in these books are pretty fantastic and I have been using them a ton in recent collages. I spent most of my evening looking through the pages and found some pretty nice pictures to cut out. Also, one of the books has a whole section on pterodactyls.

I can't wait to decorate some envelopes with these bits! The possibilities are endless. It feels great to finally start using some of the books I've been hoarding.


  1. I have some bits to send you! Do you need some more brown security envelopes?

    1. I can't say no to security envelopes!