Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mail Art

Lately I've been pretty busy making envelopes look pretty. There are a number of letters that I need to send out! Plus, I've been pretty inspired lately so it's nice to put that inspiration into collages that I love (and hopefully the recipients will as well!).

The rubber stamps Andie & I made have been showing up in every single one of my collages. The shape ones make rad patterns when paired with different colors. It seems I'm a bit obsessed with color coordinating at the moment.

I'm also a bit fall inspired at the moment! Leaves are slowly changing in Portland and I love it. I found some neat doilies at the dollar store. They had ones in the shapes of pumpkins and leaves.

I also used some purple paint samples to steal Becky's idea. The outcome looks fantastic and I think I'll start stocking up on paint samples to create more envelopes like this!

What have you been creating?


  1. Ooo, ahh. I like the paint sample card! I have several and my fingers itch to grab more every time I go to the hardware store.

    1. Thanks for the inspiration! Always pick up paint samples :)