Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Stationery

With an expensive move across the country and being unemployed for 3 months, I don't have spare cash to throw at stationery purchases. Let's be honest, I can barely afford to purchase postage stamps!

How am I supposed to write letters without stationery!? I just have to get a bit creative.

I have a slight obsession with watercolors, especially because they kind of make everything look better. As you might notice, I have trouble drawing a diamond but the watercolors make it look alright. Maybe even cool. To make the stationery, I took plain printer paper and cut it in half. I made up a few designs and, using my favorite color combinations, colored them in using the watercolors. Super easy, super fun and super cheap. Super! I just used the last 2 sheets today and I'm itching to make some more with my new pearlescent watercolors. The swirl design is my favorite.

Go make things!


  1. Did you use water color pencils to color in, or just regular water colors? I love it!!!!!

  2. I used regular water colors, the cheapo kind for kids!