Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mail Call

I was a bit spoiled from all of the mail I received last week. I expected to see a postcard or letter waiting in my mailbox each day this week but that was not the case! I did receive some quality packages though. From Becky, Megan and TMC. Stephanie sent me a super adorable Valentine's Day card. I've never sent out Valentine's Day cards. I may have to next year!

Becky sent me the most amazing box full of paper bits. I admit, I was a bit disappointed that the box was not full of chocolates but receiving collage bits might be better. I do really like chocolate though. I'm excited to start using all of the items! I have already used a few of the security envelopes, they have such a beautiful pattern. PS: Stay tuned to Becky's blog tomorrow for a guest post by yours truly! The post is all about collaging envelopes :)

I am so happy Megan is sending mail again! She is one of my longest-running mail friends and always sends the best paper bits. Her mail art totally inspires me and I wish I could draw like her. Her letters are full of really neat adventures/life happenings. She inspires me to get out and experience more!


  1. Wow, so spoiled! The mail looks amazing and I am going to check out the other blogs too!

    1. I know! My mail friends are the best <3 Definitely check out the other blogs!