Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mail Call

It has been a nice week for mail. So far this year I have received 4 pieces of mail from pen pals that I hadn't heard from in a few months. It is refreshing to know that these folks still want to exchange mail!

Megan Ruckus sent me the wonderful girls on bikes postcard. I've been exchanging wonderful mail with Ruckus since 2008. She leads such an interesting life and always includes so many nice things for me in her packages. I had not received anything from her in a few months so I was very happy to hear from her. 

Surprisingly enough, I received my first piece of mail from Hawaii. Tammy, a blog reader, send me the cute Frankenstein postcard and put some vintage postage on it. Thank you!

We moved some things around in our living room so I no longer have easy access to the exposed brick to hang my mail up in front of! Boo!

For the folks who are participating in LetterMo, how is it going for you? I still have to write my letter for today but so far it has been pretty easy! I haven't lost motivation yet!

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