Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LetterMo Days 24-26

Although I took a quick trip to New Hampshire, I made sure not to get behind on writing letters for LetterMo. I only got behind on posting photos :)

On Saturday evening, Nathan and I hung out in the common area of the bed and breakfast we stayed at. I wrote a letter while sitting in a comfy chair. It was pretty relaxing and kind of fun. I honestly write letters at my desk or on the couch (while watching movies, of course). It was neat to write a letter outside of my home. Where do you like to write letters?

A lyric envelope. Can you guess what song it is from?

Mr. Zip is so lovely! And another lyric envelope. If you weren't able to guess the first song, can you guess this one? They are both from the same band! 

Birds, blue and Mr. Zip. If you can't tell, I am running out of stationery. I'm not sure what it means to be prepared. I haven't bought stationery in quite some time. I may have to peek around some Etsy shops and buy some! Any recommendations?



  1. I couldn't guess the song but I love the envelopes. Mr.Zippy is quite the cute guy. I've been buying stationery at thrift stores and estate sales. You can get some really good bargains.

    1. He is super cute and I'm glad the USPS is bringing him back! I've never had any luck finding stationery at thrift stores. Boo. I will keep an eye out though :)

  2. Yeah, I was going to say that I have found lots of awesome stationery at thrift shops! I have so much that I'm never going to use (because I always end up going for the plain paper that I can decorate myself) that I'm thinking about putting some of it up on etsy just to get it out of my house to make room for all my washi tape...

    1. Oh, tough choice! Stationery or washi tape :)

      Let me know if you put any up on Etsy!