Sunday, February 17, 2013

LetterMo Days 14-17

This week left me a bit busy and behind on posting! I think I hit a little rut with LetterMo, I found myself not interested in writing letters. As awful as it sounds, I think it was because I was writing to friends and family. I felt like I was writing the same thing over & over again, trying to catch everyone up on what has been happening in my life. It gets kind of boring writing only about myself letter after letter. I think another part of it was that I was writing the letters around 9PM and I usually go to bed at 10PM so I was rushing myself.

Yesterday was a nice break though! I wrote 2 letters which I haven't done yet. They were to my BFFs back in Vegas and it is always easy to write to them because I can be as silly and weird as I want. I also found some time to collage envelopes and postcards while I watched movies on Netflix.

Today I start writing reply letters to my lovely mail friends. Hip hip hooray.