Thursday, February 28, 2013

LetterMo Day 28

Today is officially the last day of LetterMo! Yippee! I will be writing another letter tonight but only because I am weird and didn't start LetterMo correctly. Kind of. I haven't been writing and posting the same letter every day so it messed up the whole schedule. It is all ruined! 

I totally spaced on taking a picture of the "stationery" before putting it in the envelope but don't be sad because it wasn't anything special! So here are a ton of pictures of one of my most favorite envelopes. The color green/purple combination reminds me of my room at my mom's house. She always let me paint my room crazy colors. In 8th grade, going through my goth phase, we painted my walls black with a huge purple lightning bolt. It was ridiculous but I loved it at the time.

Purple is my favorite color, what is yours?

I need to buy some more postage stamps and make some more envelopes. I went through all of the envelopes I collaged for LetterMo. 30! It's crazy to think of how much mail I sent out this month. Super satisfying.



  1. I don't have a specific favorite color but I like greens, blues and pinks. Wow, you did collage a lot of envelopes. I made a collaged envelope today and sent it out, but other than that I just used handmade envies from scrap paper or cute stationery.

    1. I love all colors but purple will always be my favorite! Making envelopes from pretty scrap paper is always fun. Anything is better than a plain, white envelope :)