Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LetterMo Day 27

Well, I may be out of stationery but I am not out of paper. I have quite the collection of scrapbook paper, which I normally use to cut up for my mail art. I never really think to write on it. Why not? The back is usually blank and they have beautiful designs. Makeshift stationery!

The sizes are bit weird though. The paper I used for this letter is square so folding it in half created a weird bump in the envelope. Not to mention the paper itself is pretty thick and doesn't fold well. Okay, okay, so scrapbook paper isn't the best stationery. Lesson learned. Maybe.

Two more letters to write for LetterMo! How exciting. I have to admit, I will be a bit happy when this is all over. I hope to keep up a decent pace for replying to letters but there are some nights where I want to sit around and do nothing.



  1. try colored paper with stamps and stickers. Always fun and easy to personalize. But, if you want stationery I know a place where you could shop for free. It's located in my office!

    1. Haha! I would love to shop in your office! You always find the best stationery. I was just looking for something less time consuming as I keep writing letters around 9PM. Oops!