Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LetterMo Day 20

Eight more days of LetterMo! I have to say, this project has taken up quite a bit of my time but it has been lovely so far. I still manage to do all of the things I normally do at night, so it is nice to know that writing at least one letter every evening is possible. I'm sure I won't keep up writing a letter a day after February is over with but I think I will try my best. There are certain nights where I just want to veg out and not have to worry about doing a thing. I think this whole challenge has made me a bit more productive with my evenings. Are you still feeling positive about your LetterMo experience or have you decided it is for the birds?

I came home this evening to discover two of the letters I sent out yesterday were returned to me by accident! They had the postal barcode on the back of the envelope but the postage was not postmarked. Kind of obnoxious but at least I don't have to waste additional postage on them. I slipped the envelopes back into the outgoing box. Here is hoping they do not get returned to me a second time!



  1. You know it's good mail art if it's sent back to you because the machines can't find the stamp! :)

  2. I have been enjoying Lettermo...although I haven't been able to get a letter out a day, I have put out 25 so I have been doing it in batches...Next year I will be better prepared! It has helped me think of those I know who could stand to get a letter in the mail. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you for your comment! We all do LetterMo in different ways :) It is all about being prepared!