Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LetterMo Day 13

Another letter sent to an old coworker! I had three Office Max coworkers who requested a letter from me, all of them live in Rhode Island. I haven't heard from the first girl I wrote to whether or not she received my letter. Although, I recently found out that people don't check their mail daily! That makes my head hurt. As I mentioned in a comment, checking my mailbox is such a habit for me that I go to check it pretty much every Sunday. Every time I open my mailbox on Sunday, I smack my head and think, "No mail on Sundays, you goofy pants." Saturdays in August will be a rough time. I might start complaining of headaches more often.

I received a lovely package from Becky yesterday (technically Monday but my boyfriend didn't let me know we received a package and it was too late to go to our leasing office, where the packages are kept, to retrieve it). She sent me an incredible amount of paper bits and lovely things which I will post about soon. Anyway! She sent me some security envelopes that have the most beautiful pattern and color. I used them to decorate the stationery for this letter. I'm really in love with triangles at the moment.

I wonder what that dinosaur smells...


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