Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Stats

It is the end of February which means the end of LetterMo! If you participated, did you end up writing letters every day? I think that is more important than sending a letter a day! I gladly admit I succeeded. There were quite a few days where I wanted to stop altogether but made myself stick to it! I think I will reward myself with a week off. A week to focus on collaging more envelopes!

I was quite spoiled with mail this month. I received a lot of nice postcards and letters from strangers, pen pals I haven't heard from in months or years, and current mail friends! This week I was spoiled with giveaway postcards. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send a postcard for the giveaway! There is still over a week left to send in your postcard! Don't delay. 


  1. I did send a piece of mail every day last month, but I have sent more postcards than letters, because school was taking up most of my time. I've had fun though! :-)

    1. Awesome! It was pretty satisfying to do, right?