Saturday, January 5, 2013

Very Nice Things

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the packages Andie has sent me. Is there a better day than today to showcase these beauties? Nope. Sometimes I receive a little something in the mail and I wonder if the person who sent it has tapped into my brain to figure out just exactly what I like. Andie definitely has a knack for that. Maybe I am a bit biased because she did send me a pterodactyl but so what?

The first thing Andie sent me was the beautiful postcard featuring the pink Royal typewriter. The back of the postcard was wonderfully decorated, something you don't see too often. She drew me a colorful pterodactyl and I love the way she wrote out my address (look at her handwriting)! The Halloween sticker in the middle is a hologram sticker that has bats and says "scary!" Super cute.

After the postcard and a few emails, she mentioned that she had found something to send my way. Next thing I know this adorable duck envelope shows up in my mailbox and I could not wait to open it

Out plops out all of these neat items and I was a happy camper! There was actually candy in this package but I ate it all before I took the pictures. Hi, I am five. Funny story about the pterodactyl, just a month or two earlier, Nathan went on a trip back to Washington and he brought me back the same toy but in a different color! After 24 years of never seeing such a toy, I receive 2 in the same year!

Hello, super neat handwriting! This envelope was way prettier hanging out in my mailbox but I didn't take a picture of it until after I opened it. I'm not sure how Andie managed to neatly fold tissue paper but big props to her. Tissue paper & I do not get along.

This envelope was full of wonderful paper, used international postage and magazine/book cut-outs to collage with. And candy, cannot forget the candy! I just finished using some of the bits to collage envelopes with. The postage stamps are all very beautiful and have lovely, vibrant colors. They were a nice touch to the collaged envelopes!

The pterodactyl toy has a nice spot hanging out with all of my other dactyl friends (and giraffes). Nathan just got be the pterodactyl beanie baby as a Christmas gift.The blue guy on the right is the one Nathan brought home from Seattle. The purple dragon is some random thing a guest gave me when I was working at Castle Hill. Yellow nail polish makes me happy.

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