Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stranger Mail

I have been sick all week, missing 3 days of work. Three days that were spent hanging out in bed or on the couch & watching all of the things on Netflix. I lost my voice on Friday and it is slowly coming back. I still don't feel 100% but I am much better.

This week was a nice mail week. I received two letters and one postcard from new mail friends, a Christmas card from a pen pal and a letter from a long lost pen pal, Emilie! The first envelope pictured, from TMC at Return to Rural, included a ton of blank postcards. It was a nice surprise and will be blogged about soon!

Two of the letters I received this week were sent back in December, to my old address. Unfortunately it looked like because my last name was not on either envelope, the USPS had a bit of trouble trying to figure out where they needed to be delivered to! Kind of frustrating but understandable.

I am officially caught up on every single piece of mail that I had to reply to. I wrote letters yesterday & today. Tomorrow I will be sending out a 14 letters and 2 postcards. Hope I can keep up with replying now! I just need to keep up on making envelopes.


  1. I'm glad it arrived. I guessed on the postage!

  2. Yes! Arrived safe, sound & appreciated! Thank you.

  3. That's a big pile of mail to send out. :O
    I like the way you put your incoming mail on the wall.

    1. Usually my sent piles aren't that large! That is what happens when you don't write a letter for a month. Thanks for your comment :)