Friday, January 18, 2013

Decorate With Washi Tape

For a very long time I was hoarding washi tape, putting pieces on envelopes here & there but not really knowing what else I could do with it. Sure, they are beautiful and come in so many fun designs but how many ways can you put tape on an envelope, right? What else could I use it for? I was out of ideas. Then I encountered plain stationery. As a letter writer, I always had some kind of store bought decorated stationery sets. It wasn't until I went in a little local office supply store and purchased plain, light purple paper that was recommended for fountain pens, did I ever own plain stationery. What better way to decorate beautiful paper but with beautiful washi tape?

The papers pictured here are not the beautiful light purple sheets that I purchased but some random box of stationery I found in a thrift store. Lucky for me, the stationery box was not even opened! Including this box of stationery, I have only ever found 2 things letter writing related in thrift store. The first thing I found was a postcard book that featured reproductions of old maps.

To decorate the stationery, as you can probably tell, I placed a strip of tape down and tore the top and made each strip a different length. I'm really fond of the "just tore off" look as a clean, straight cut is just, well, too clean looking. I really like the colors of the tape against the ivory paper. Dreamy.

Do you like to decorate your stationery? How do you use washi tape to decorate things? I'm going to use some tape to cover up a plain lampshade soon! I think it will add a nice touch.


  1. Sigh. No Washi tape for me yet! I've been eyeing it online but haven't gotten any. Soon, though. Soon. I love what you did with that stationery. :)

  2. Ahh! Washi tape is certainly an addiction, are you sure you want to get started? Haha. Luckily the rolls seem to last forever. I think I've had my "collection" for over 2 years now! You will have to buy some and try your hand at decorating stationery! :)