Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not About Mail

I just got back from a quick trip to Las Vegas. My brother's birthday is July 5th and I was lucky enough to fly out there over the weekend.

It was so great to see my family again, as it has been a little over 4 months since I saw them last. Which is actually the longest we've gone without seeing each other. It has been pretty tough not knowing when I would see them again. We are an incredibly close family, unlike any other I've seen. My mom is the most incredible person I will ever meet and I can not thank her enough for everything she has sacrificed for me and my brother.

I can't say that I miss Las Vegas one bit, just that I miss the people living there. There are some beautiful things about the city, things that just feel right. Like home. My brother had recently left his job so he and I stayed up most nights, hanging out outside or driving around. Summer nights in Las Vegas are a lot different than Rhode Island. I think I like them both equally, though. After a few months of humidity, being in the dry heat was such a drastic, gross change. The heat drained the life out of me! We went swimming every day I was there, which is the only time I felt cool. My summer in Rhode Island has been the coldest summer I've ever experienced.

I didn't really experience any jet lag. Maybe a little. I stayed up most nights and woke up by 8 most mornings. I just never felt tired. One morning I woke up at 2 AM, after falling asleep around 10 PM, and saw the sun rising. At that moment, I realized I have yet to see the sunrise in Rhode Island. I'm sure I will soon enough, with my new job & hour long commute, there will be days I will have to leave as the sun is rising. I'm excited to see how the sunrises are different.

I managed to bring back 3 typewriters, which I am super excited about. I "gave" one to Nathan and he ended up typing a letter  to his father. I'm really happy to have my typewriters back and even happier to be able to type out letters to my mail friends.

I set up a Google event for Nathan to check the mail while I was gone. It was actually really convenient, especially since he has a smart phone that notifies him of the event each day so he couldn't forget! I ended up checking the mail at my mom's and brother's every day. It just felt weird not to open a mailbox daily! It's always nice to come back to a stack of mail and even better knowing that everything stayed organized by date received. I can be kind of obsessive when it comes to tracking my mail.

Now, I am back home and it feels great. It was really hard to leave my family, I wish they could move out here. I've always dreamed of leaving Las Vegas but never thought about how hard it would be to leave my family behind. I am so happy to be back in Rhode Island and just in time! I started my new job today where I am working right by the ocean. Things are getting better day by day.

 Just for fun, here is a picture of me next to the street I was named after! I always wanted to live in one of the houses on Tara Avenue. I only wish it wasn't in Las Vegas! :) It's pretty fun being named after a street sign. There is a street in Newport that is my last name, so I will have to get a picture in front of that soon.

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