Thursday, July 12, 2012

March & April

It's kind of amazing to think I've only been in Rhode Island for 4 months. Already it feels like home. There have been a lot of rough patches and I've done a lot of growing up in these past four months but everything seems to finally be falling into place. Every time I wanted to give up and run back to Las Vegas with my tail between my legs, I would look at my surroundings and realize that this is what I've been waiting for since I was a teenager. I am in a beautiful, tiny state full of creativity and character. I wouldn't want to give up the weather, architecture and nature for anything. 

I am finally out of Las Vegas and it feels amazing (& a bit hectic).

My mailbox was pretty lonely for the first two months out here, mostly because for the first month I didn't have an address! Now, as I sign up for more Swap-Bot swaps and send out more Postcrossing cards, I get mail almost every day of the week. It's been hectic trying to keep up with replying to all of my mail friends but, as always, totally & completely worth it. I don't know what I would do without mail in my mailbox.

 So, I am finally going to get caught up on posting all of the wonderful envelopes, postcards and goodies that get placed in my mailbox on an almost daily basis.

 a nice envelope from Steffi which makes me want to visit Germany again

handmade postcards are the best. 

 Emilie is great at feeding into my pterodactyl obsession.


always a good day when a handmade postcard from Annabell shows up

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