Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bumper Sticker

See the envelope bumper sticker on this Jeep? I noticed it while stuck in traffic on my way to work yesterday. I wish I was able to pull up beside the woman driving to ask her if she wrote letters! I'm really curious as to where the sticker came from and what it represents. Does anyone have an idea what it stands for?

Speaking of work, I have to be up at 3 AM tomorrow morning! I'm not really sure how I am going to manage that. I am going to try to fall asleep very early and hope for the best. Also, maybe a caffeine pill or two for when I am awake.


  1. Hey Tara, I tagged you for an award! Check me out for details:

  2. Hey! Thanks :) Also, why haven't I started following your blog yet! Jesus, I'm sorry!!! Time to catch up!