Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Birthday

It has taken me way too long to post these pictures!

Emilie sent me a fantastic birthday gift. Taking this out of my mailbox, I was very interested in what was inside! I'm happy that it was easy to open as the packaging is wonderful. I love all of the stamps Emilie used and also the fact that it is a coffee bag!
What a surprise it was! The package was heavy and I couldn't even begin to guess what a wonderful gift she sent. Two pterodactyl jars! Purple pterodactyls - even better. I had no idea these were even a thing.

I contemplated using them as cups but I've had a bad habit of breaking dishes lately and decided they would be a bit more safe sitting on my writing desk and holding pens. I use one jar for my fountain pens and the other for pens I use most often.

Super cute! I love their smiles

Pterodactyls Protecting Pens. Fountain pens on the left!


  1. What cute cups! I love the package they came in, really cool!

  2. They are lovely cups :) I am lucky to have such nice pen pals!