Saturday, April 7, 2012

Always a mess!
 I can only imagine how many pictures of this desk I've posted but, holy crap, I love it! I was just thinking the other night how I've had this desk for about 4 years now, which doesn't seem like such a BIG deal but it is a silly cheap desk from Big Lots! I think that is pretty impressive. I'm so happy I was able to bring it with me to Rhode Island. I don't think I would get anything done without it! I've always had a weird obsession with desks, especially when I was younger.

A pile of outgoing mail is always inspiring

It is pretty satisfying to make such a mess when creating although it usually stays messy for longer than I'd like and then I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done! I'm trying to keep a mental list of things that inspire me. Sometimes I have a pretty hard time feeling creative and motivated so it's nice to remember the things that keep me going.

Today I went through the random free weekly/monthly magazines I've been picking up around town and cut out pictures and things I want to use for mail art. I also went through all the advertisements and cut out businesses, restaurants and other things I'd like to check out in the state. I'm hoping to pick up a nice paper journal somewhere and keep a record of all the new things I will be experiencing living out here. Rhode Island is inspiring.


  1. Start an inspiration journal! It helps me stay motivated, though I am bad about putting ideas in it.

  2. I just got a bunch of journals so I am kind of hoping to do something like that. We'll see how that goes :P