Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Although I don't really care to celebrate Valentine's Day, I appreciate any excuse to give and receive cute presents!

As many of my pen pals may know, I recently purchased my first fountain pen and have been pretty excited about trying out all the fun types of ink that are out there. Although I have only been using the black ink that it came with. Until now!

For Valentine's Day, my lovely boyfriend bought me this beautiful bottle of purple ink! I can't wait to try it out. Much better than a typical gift of flowers and chocolate! I'm really kind of in love with the bottle, also. For those of you who use fountain pens, do you do anything with the empty bottles of ink? I imagine it takes a lot of writing to actually empty a bottle but it seems like they would make a nice decoration full of something random. Maybe a pen holder? Haha :)

Well, tomorrow morning I am finally getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Not looking forward to the recovery but they give me so much trouble with my jaw that I can not wait for them to be out! Plus, I get to eat all of the mashed potatoes I want for the next few days. My favorite!

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