Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strangers In My Mailbox

Or you get a letter with no return address on the envelope, making the mystery even better

I absolutely love getting mail from random people. Although I love my pen pals and exchanging letters regularly, there is just something about opening your mailbox to find a letter with an unfamiliar return address. Almost always, these random mail friends turn into regular pen pals but sometimes they don't and I am okay with that!

I opened the envelope to find a sweet note written in this beautiful card.

As a teenager, I signed up on PostcardX, which was basically the SendSomething of the early 2000's. Being a kid, I didn't develop too many pen pals from that website and if I did, they didn't last very long (except for Matthew Harris!). PostcardX was not the reason I started sending mail but it is the reason why I love mail, mail-art and mail from strangers. Were any of you a member of PostcardX?

My goal for this year is to send more random mail. It gets a bit difficult with all of the regular pen pals I have as I never seem to be able to catch up on replying to their letters (not complaining!). I also would like to send more things with my letters: stickers, paper scraps, fortunes, mix cds, photos, etc. I feel like I have been in this mail rut for so long, I haven't been inspired or felt creative in a long time. Wish me luck :)

Hello cute panda drawing! Also, what an awesome place to live: Moon Township!

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