Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy April!

So, I was thisclose to posting again in March. Haha. I am finally caught up on all my mail replies except for one which I found in my purse today. I have a bad habit of putting incoming mail in my purse so that if I have time at work, I can write a reply. Sometimes I forget about it but never for too long :)

I will be posting all of the incoming mail I have received later on tonight possibly tomorrow. My boyfriend's band, Robot Nixon, is playing a show tonight so I have to go get ready for that!
For Tracy
For Monica
For Shelita

For Megan

For Joseph. This is 2 letters in one because I had one returned to me

For Stephanie


For Bruno

For Becky

For Anne

For Dangerous Moustache. This is one of my favorite envelopes.

Super, duper, super thanks to all my mail friends for their patience :)

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