Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

OK, a couple days late on posting. Sorry!
Here is part one of some outgoing mail. I forgot how much I hate resizing and blurring the addresses! Haha. I still need to take photos of all my incoming mail. Procrastinate is my middle name, guys. I've always been fairly awful doing things on time, even when it is a time frame I make up. Hopefully there will be a few more posts tonight since I'm staying at my mom's due to Bobby working from 10pm to whenever. So I have nothing to do !

To Tracy!

To Barbara for a Swap-Bot swap. It was a pinback button swap.

To Shelita. My camera hates the color yellow

To Joseph (he has sent me at least 3 letters in the time it took me to get this one sent out :\)

To Bruno. I just received a letter from him today!

To Becky. I received a nice letter from her in January. Hopefully she won't be too mad that it took me so long to get back to her :)


  1. it's good to know you got my letter. hope you liked the stuff!
    have a nice day and write soon!

  2. Love that Rosy one you sent for the pinback swap- very charming...

  3. i got your this little letter today! thanks!! i just want to know if you wrote it before or after receiving my last letter, because you told me about the xmas card i sent. shall i answer this or wait for your answer?
    postal hugs from rio de janeiro!

  4. Hey Bruno! I wrote that before I got your letter so I'm going to send you another letter soon. I think I sent out that letter and a few days later got yours, haha :)