Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy February!

Hey guys.
I wanted to make a post before February ends. This month flew by. I don't believe I sent out much, if any, mail this month. :( My job has been crazy since I've last posted - some people signed union cards so we are going to have an election this Wednesday, March 2nd to vote for or against unionizing. Since the petition came to the management, we've been having 2 meetings every week. The meetings are referred to as union busting meetings and this guy talks about unions for 2 hours each meeting. It is quite boring. Since we have the meetings, though, I've only been getting one day off of work each week (spent working on our house) and plenty of 10 hour shifts. Lame.

Needless to say, I haven't had much time between sleeping and working. Although I've written all of my mail friends back, I haven't had time to put together envelopes for them. I'm hoping to get everything together Saturday/Sunday and mail everything out Monday though! So expect a mail post shortly :)

Our house still isn't ready yet :( We've purchased the kitchen cabinets, which need to be stained & then installed. Other then that - we have to replace the floors, paint, replace pretty much every door in the house, put down trim, and re-do the master bath. I'm super hoping that we'll have everything done by the end of March. Crossing my fingers! The bathroom is coming along quick, we almost have all the drywall up then it is just putting the tile down.

I think that is about it for me :) Hope everyone is doing well


  1. Dang Grrrl- sounds like life has been hella stressful in your corner of the world lately. :O I hope it gets less hectic for you as the seasons (slowly) start to change.

  2. Oh yeah. Things are starting to slow down a bit :)