Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kiwi's Etsy Love Swap #1 -- Part 2

My second partner's Etsy shop is Love, Maddy. This shop features a bunch of pretty ribbons, beads and appliques. This shop gave me an idea to use ribbon for decorating envelopes. Maybe once I have some spare cash to spend on ribbon, this idea can come to life!

Some cool items I found in her shop:
"Ribbon red w/ yellow flowers" I love floral themes and I think the colors on this ribbon are so pretty :)
"Polka dot apple cabochons" These flat beads are super cute. I love polka dots! I'd love to glue these onto an envelope but I don't think they would hold up too well, haha.

"Lace - cream" Ah! I love lace. I think this would look really nice on a teal colored envelope!

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