Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Incredibly Long List

I saw that Chronicle Books is doing a giveaway for the holidays! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to win a bunch of awesome stationery so here is a very long list of things that I wouldn't mind having from Chronicle Books. Whoever wins this giveaway is one lucky, lucky person.

And maybe if I ever have some extra money lying around, I will someday buy the things listed :)
Right now, I have approximately $6,000 worth of remodeling to do to the house we will eventually live in. So that someday may never come :)

Hope Valley Mix & Match Stationery
Cupcake Shoppe Stationery
Animal Greetings Mix & Match Stationery
Old School Letter Set
I Heart Guts Mix & Match Stationery
Cath Kidston Birds & Bloom Stationery Box
Cath Kidston Cowboys & Roses Mix & Match Stationery
Reprodepot Folk and Flora Mix & Match Stationery
Oh Joy! Mix & Match Stationery
Unicorn Wishes Mix & Match Stationery
Lucky Flowers Mix & Match Stationery
French General Stationery Box
Grady McFerrin Stationery Box
Sukie Mix & Match Stationery
Cath Kidston's Blooms and Berris Mix & Match Stationery
Julius! by Paul Frank Mix & Match Stationery
Cath Kidston Stationery Box
Menagerie Mix & Match Stationery
Cath Kidston Mix & Match Stationery
Native Flowers Mix & Match Stationery
Confection-ery Mix & Match Stationery
Lulu Mix & Match Stationery
Andy Warhol Fashion Mix & Match Stationery
Lotta Jansdotter Stationery Box
Decorativa Mix & Match Stationery
Dots & Jots
Hi Postcards
Rex Ray Postcard Book
A Year in Japan Postcard Book
Drop Dead Cute Postcard Book
Andy Warhol Men Postcards
Wanderlust: 30 Postcards for Insatiable Travelers
Vintage Alphabet Stamps: Sign Language

Oh man... I love stationery.

Join in on the fun
! If I win, they also pick a commenter on this post to receive all of the awesome stuff.


  1. Oh my gosh I will take all of those please! haha. I love the I Heart Guts one!

  2. I know! That one is my favorite, too. Haha :)

  3. Oh man... how did I miss this opportunity?? Oh well. Your list looks fabulous. I love their stuff!

  4. Oh no! I saw it on the Goodnight Little Spoon blog yesterday. Whoever wins is a lucky, lucky person!

    They have such an awesome selection of stationery and rubber stamps.

  5. What a great list!


  6. Love your choices! Good luck!


  7. Lovin' your list! Here's hoping for a win!

    Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com