Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

My December wish is to post more often :)

& can I have any more stuff?? I'm so excited to move all of this into my new living room!!! We will have an extra bedroom at the house we're moving into but I want to be able to be around people and not stuffed away in a room creating! My photo box is full of mail and the one I use for postcards is too small width-wise, so I'm trying to think of ways to store my mail that is easy to access.
What do all of you do to store mail? I'd love any ideas :) I really want to be able to have it all in on place because right now, I have smaller envelopes in the photo box and larger ones are in a big shoebox.

I'm going to buy one of these bill organizers to put all the mail I need to reply to in. I love the idea of sorting it by date because I always forget when I received something! I can't wait to be able to keep better track of all my incoming & outgoing :) lovely, lovely. By the way, check out I love!!!! that website (plus it has stationery!!).

This Saturday, we are going over to check out the house and what needs to be done before we start moving our stuff over! Can't wait.

I've been a better mail picture taker but not so much better letter writer. Although I've had the past 3 days off, I feel like I'm catching up on all the sleep I missed out when I was training. Seriously, working 40 hours a week after working, on average, 20 hours a week for 6 month is tough.

Both postcards sent out were for a Swap Bot swap.


From Joseph
From Katie! It has been awhile since hearing from her so it was nice to receive this letter :)

From CRAP. I'm in love with this envelope.

Swap Bot swap

Swap Bot pen pal swap

Swap Bot instant photo swap from Jane. She has an Instax mini camera and after seeing how adorable the picture size is, I WANT ONE! I think it's going on the Christmas list. I love my Instax but the small photos are too cool.

!! This is from Jamie. It was such a pleasure to receive this beautiful journal. Plus, my mailman, Roy, paid the postage due (again! what an awesome guy). Anyway, this journal is just amazing & I am very interested in starting some sort of traveling journal with it. If anyone would be interested in receiving it & filling out some pages with whatever, let me know!

From Postcrossing. This one made me laugh.

Private Postcrossing swap.

From Cal over at the Good Mail Day blog. She included a copy of a news article about a pen pal she's known for (I think) 30 years. How amazing!

Tonight, for whatever reason, I'm feeling very appreciative of all the mail I receive and continue to receive. A big thanks to everyone I have had the pleasure of receiving mail from.

And I absolutely hate, hate, hate the word mancave. and momcave. HATE.

PS; Can you tell all I drink is Dr. Pepper?!? I feel like I should have a "find the Dr. Pepper in the picture" contest. Who's in? How many Dr. Pepper soda cans can you find in this post? There may be a nice surprise for a correct answer!!


  1. I only see 1 Dr. Pepper can lol. Reading this post made me want to organize my stuff and write more letters! I need some neat drawers like that! I just keep all of my mail in this little basket but it's full now so I'm going to have to find something else. You will have to let me know if you find something nifty to use for your stuff! That baby with the stamp on it's head is tooooo cute!

  2. Organize! It really makes me feel so much better and creative when I can find all my stuff without any trouble.

    Dr. Pepper winners will be announced in my next post.... :)

  3. Hi Tara
    I have worked 45-50 hours a week for more than a year now and I am pretty much dead tired almost all the time ... so you sleep every chance you get! ^_~