Sunday, November 21, 2010


Here is all my outgoing mail from the past few weeks! I feel like I have gotten a lot of my creativity back & I love it :)
I worked 40 hours last week and will work another 40 this week because of training. Ahh! It was pretty tough, I haven't worked 40 hours in almost 6 months. I will be happy once I get that paycheck!!

For the Giveaway winner, Jessica

For Tracy!

For Shelita. I picked up these sardine labels at a little touristy store in Monterey. I love them!

For Misha

For Joseph

For Ashley. I just got this returned to me from the post office. Luckily they didn't cancel the stamps but for whatever reason it needs 20 more cents.

Private swap @ postcrossing

Swap Bot Buttons swap.

Swap bot instant photo swap

Swap bot pen pal swap

Swap bot pen pal swap


  1. Ah! That's my mail right there!! I was so happy to get it!!!
    I am hoping to write back really soon! And I'm sorry it's taken so long!!! but I will be returning to the mail scene shortly and I've already begun my return to the real world... :/

  2. Misha!
    I've been pretty bad about writing back in a timely matter, so don't worry about it :)