Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The other day, I upgraded to a new phone! It is just the right amount of technology that I can stomach. I don't have any of that fancy internet on yr phone business or touch screen craziness but it does have a full keyboard & slides to open. Plus, it is purple which is my favorite color of all time. Currently, my nail polish matches the color of the phone. Also, it has a camera and I bought a cable to put the pictures on the computer. Goodbye waterlogged digital camera!

Today, Bobby and I sent off a bunch of packages! He sold some guitar parts on Ebay so we went down to the beautiful post office and paid a bunch in postage to get them to their destinations. Boxes are incredibly expensive, btw. That's why I love the flat rate boxes but he sold whole guitars and they obviously cannot fit into flat rate. One box was 49 inches long! I love the post office employees, they are all so nice & happy.

We have a very busy week ahead of us! Thursday we are going down to a coffee shop for the weekly Las Vegas Anarchist meetup. We used to go there every week last year but haven't gone back since being back in Vegas. I'm really happy to start doing it again and we made pinback buttons for them :)
On Friday we are going back to the open mic at Krispy Kreme with our friends, Richard & Kelley. I'm not sure if Bobby is going to play anything but if he does I'm recording it on my new phone!
Early voting starts on Saturday which works out perfectly because Bobby & I both have the day off so we are getting our vote on. I'm also very excited about this because we have an awesome Green Party gubernatorial candidate to vote for and I'm also doing a lot of None of The Above. The other night, Bobby and I spent a few hours researching every candidate we could find information on to make our informed decisions. I'm just incredibly thankful we have the option to not vote for anyone because I HATE choosing the best of the worst (as most people do because apparently to other people, third party candidates do not exist.)

I love eventful weeks, the post office, making buttons and voting.


Awesome mail from Misha! She applied a dried sunflower to the envelope, I'm surprised it didn't get too damaged! Also included a mix cd and handmade postcards! Thank you Misha. (& I did totally forget to include a tracklist for you, so I will get it to you in the next letter. Sorry!!)

The letter I posted to Bruno was sent back to me! I'm not sure why but it is ripped in a bunch of places :( I will be posting it tomorrow in another envelope, Bruno!!

Letter from Joseph


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  1. YAY! I'm glad my letter got there!! I wasn't sure how the flower would hold up but I'd thought I'd experiment anyways. Looks like it did pretty good! :)