Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Some Stuff


Bobby & I are going on a mini-vacation this week! We are leaving on Thursday to go to Monterey, California. I am super, super excited. We rented a car because we didn't want to have to worry about Charlie breaking down. I've never rented a car before so that is fun. We are also going to hang out with our friend, Kyle, who now lives in San Jose and possibly go up to San Francisco because Bobby has never been. We have a hotel room right on the beach in Monterey. I am so looking forward to this! I'm trying to get out all my mail replies before I leave which shouldn't be too hard because I only have about.. 3. Haha.

Bobby let me buy a new, small digital camera for our vacation. No more water spots or blurry pictures, guys! It also has a panorama option.... love.

I'm working night shift today and tomorrow. Blugh. At the same time, only 2 more days of work and it will be time to dip.

I am starving... I hope Bobby will be out of work soon so we can go have lunch together.


Reply for CRAP

All postcards below are for Swap-Bot swaps.

Tracy. She sent a nice mix cd & cute handmade notecard

Shelita. I love her stamps and stickers.


Ashley. She sent along some nice stuff :)




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  1. I have been restraining myself from looking at the post below because I know there is a picture of what you are sending me. it's killing me!!!!! =D (obviously hasn't arrived yet.)
    Hope you have fun in Monterey!!

  2. You have very good self control, Misha! I actually just put yr letter in the post yesterday.. I kept spacing on it, sorry :( But it should be to you soon!

  3. I GOT IT!!! YAy! Thank you!!! I still need to write back though. This weekend!! And I get to babble on and on about nanowrimo! Yay for you! (Hahaha. I promise not to go on about it too much..)