Friday, October 8, 2010


I've been lacking any sort of inspiration lately. I believe it to be Las Vegas sucking the life out of me again. If I am here for long periods of time, it gets to me. This city is so bland and boring. There is nothing that I want to do here. I haven't been getting a lot of mail lately, either, which is sad! I think everyone is pretty busy now with school being back in session.

This week, I worked Monday & had three on call days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I did not work any of those days. Today and tomorrow are my scheduled days off. So, I am on day 4 of a 5 day weekend! I'm not going to enjoy the paycheck but I am definitely enjoying the time off work. Unfortunately, Bobby went back to work on Thursday.

Bobby put up the majority of guitar stuff he bought on Ebay this week. The auctions are closing on Sunday and it looks like a lot of the stuff is going to sell! I'm very excited because the money being made is going to out credit cards! Yeah, can't wait to get those suckers paid off.

I've been looking into trying to find print classes or workshops. I can't find any here in Vegas, though. I really want to work in a printing press! There are a bunch of printing companies here but I don't see any way of getting a job at them, mostly due to lack of experience. But there is no place to get experience. Catch 22! I need to move to Portland. They have an Independent Publishing Resource Center with workshops for letterpress printing, bookbinding and zine-making as well as a bunch of other amazing stuff!

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  1. Your letter will be there on Tuesday!!! :) It's funny; I've been lacking inspiration too!! Oh well. I hope you like my letter!! Sucks that Monday is a holiday doesn't it? =P

  2. I didn't even know today was a holiday, haha. Looking forward to the letter though!