Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October!

I am very happy that it is October! We had a nice, quick thunderstorm on Saturday and beautiful sunshine-rain today, so it is finally cooling down. I am definitely over the heat. Bobby and I celebrated his grandma's birthday this afternoon by going out to lunch with her & his aunt. After that, we headed over to my mom's to celebrate her birthday! Both Bobby's grandma & my mom have the same birthday, October 4th.

Bobby bought a ton of guitar equipment the week before last. A bunch of unfinished guitars, guitar parts, etc. He really likes rebuilding guitars and with the stuff he bought he can kind of mess around doing a whole guitar almost from scratch. He has been staring at a blank body & neck for about 30 minutes. He loves guitars.

The Pixies concert was amazing. I love, love, love seeing bands live but I absolutely hate the people that go to shows. I hate being super close to strangers, I hate smelling alcohol & weed and my most deep hatred is of people who are constantly taking pictures during the performance. I saw one girl with a fake holga on her camera. dumb. Although I'm really looking forward to seeing Interpol at the end of this month, I decided to stand way in the back. I've come to the conclusion that I am getting too old and antisocial to go to shows. lame.

Last week or so, I got my button maker back from Kelley, from Asterionella, (I let her borrow it while we were on the road). Bobby's friend, Guy, wanted us to make buttons for his new band. I forgot how much I love making buttons! I made a bunch of cool ones that I am going to put up for sale later this week on Etsy, as well as some envelopes I made (finally!). I've been planning on opening an Etsy shop since the beginning of this year but haven't had the money to do so til now! I'm excited :)

Bobby is promising that I will get a color-laser printer/copier/scanner soon... We had to go to Office Depot to print out Guy's button designs because my current printer is incredibly lame and only prints things with huge streaks running through the image. I really want to work in the printing department at Office Depot or some other office store or just a printing company. PLEASE. I need to. I love it.

Reply for Misha!

Reply for Joseph

First letter to Eric

Reply for CRAP. Sorry about the super horrible picture although I don't believe a lot of people would want to look at a bunch of half-naked ladies...

Reply for Shelita.

Reply for Bruno
From Shelita.




Postcrossing. The person sent the card in an awesome envelope and also stamped the postcard. I really want circular stamps

From Misha. She sent along some cute rub-ons.

From Shelita. She sent me a cute ladybug paper

From Bruno. He sent some cool stickers!


From Joseph


Mix CD Swap


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  1. Cool envelope for me! Hope to receive it soon :) Have a nice week!