Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, no mail images today but I will definitely post some tomorrow or the next day. I have slowly been getting inspiration back which makes me very happy. I've also been receiving a lot of beautiful and nice mail lately so thank you to everyone who writes!

Saturday, Bobby & I are going to se the Pixies! I am so, so excited for this show. Mostly because I never thought there would be a chance to see them live!

I called yesterday to the camera shop I dropped off 19 rolls of film (over a month ago) to see if the film was ready. It wasn't. All the 35mm rolls were ready but my 120 was not. I am so annoyed over this and sad. This camera shop is the only place left in town that develops 120 but I can definitely say that I will never, ever drop my film off there. A month!!!! It makes me sad too because I feel like I have to stop doing film photography until I can have my own set up to develop film. It really fucking sucks. I think it really is just this town though. I remember in Portland they had a rent-a-darkroom place. Amazing.

My brother, Bobby and I might also have the opportunity to move into a house at the end of this year! My mom has been renting out the house I first lived in for the past 7 or so years and the renter may be moving out at the end of this year. I'm really looking forward to this happening. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it would be so perfect and I could finally unpack all of my stuff. Plus, no rent! Just have to pay for all the utilities, insurance & taxes which would be split 3 ways. Yes, please!

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