Friday, August 20, 2010


Oh, how I love days off! I had to take Bobby to work this morning at 7 and after that, I napped until noon. I really hate naps, though. Especially naps on my days off. I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately! I had many plans for today, mostly organizing & cleaning up my things but all I was able to get done before Bobby got off work was responding to my mail friends! I'm all caught up on mail responses, which is incredibly nice for my mind. Tomorrow I am most likely going over to my mom's where I should have a nice pile of mail waiting for me! So, it's good to be all caught up.


Reply to Misha! (I bought some new stamps, aren't they awesome?)

Reply to Shelita

Reply to Tracy

Reply to Monica

Reply to Jennifer


  1. Loved your stationery Tara!!! Thank you!!!! (No one has ever sent me stationery before; what a concept!!) It was oawsome!!! ^-^


  2. Reply going out on monday!! (No peeking at my blog!) Sorry it's taken so long! :)

  3. OK! I will stay away from yr blog. Looking forward to the reply!