Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, Life

My days have been very busy this past week and will continue to be busy until Thursday!
Although I did have Tuesday & Wednesday off this week, I didn't get much done! My boyfriend went to the dentist on Tuesday because one of his wisdom teeth is chipped. They didn't end up doing anything that day but they want to do a bunch of crap to his teeth (totaling $3700) that I think is completely unnecessary. I don't know! We'll probably just end up getting that tooth pulled and not worry about anything else. I don't know anyone who can afford that bs.

This week I will be working 6, possibly 7, days in a row. Definitely not too stoked on that, except for the paycheck that will come out of it but the days fall into different pay weeks so its not technically overtime. BOO! Tomorrow will be my 4th day out of the 6. Also tomorrow, I'm working 3-11 and then Monday 10-6. :[ Happy news - I did get my first paycheck Friday!

AND! I got another fucking jury summons last week. I guess there are two different courts that you can get summons from. So, I get both and they are for 7/6 & 7/8 so, according to some lady, I have to call the one on the 8th and get it postponed. Luh-ame.

Bobby is playing guitar right now and its totally throwing my concentration off. Haha. So, I had a lot more to write about but I'm blaming him because I can't remember any of it right now.

But, here is two pieces of mail sent out on Wednesday. I received a ton of awesome mail this week but haven't been motivated to scan any of it. Maybe tonight.

To my wonderful pen pal, Katie

To a nice lady by the name of Flutterby3 @sendsomething

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  1. You have a beautiful blog, I'm still checking it and will be following. I'm into the swap in swap-bot of 25 random things about us, and saw you there. I'm own a blog to about penpalling and other things.

    Much love from Portugal,