Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi, I'm Boring

Monday was my day off & I did absolutely nothing except rip CD's onto the computer to make some mixes soon. Fantastic.

Tomorrow, I'm on call for the night shift... I hope I don't have to go in! Today was super busy, about 50 calls in queue when I got in but it slowed down around 9. Every time I've worked the night shifts so far, I've been incredibly bored later in the night and haven't had anything to do so I'm going to start taking stationery to work to write replies to my lovely post-friends.

My boyfriend saw online today that Sonic Youth is coming to town with Pavement! Hello, can any more awesome shows come to Vegas this year? Tickets don't seem to be on sale yet but I am excited already.

Next week I have to go down for dumb jury duty. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I hope I don't get picked to serve on a jury. I think I would freak out being on a jury, I can't have that kind of responsibility! Ha.

I probably won't be going to my mom's house to check my mail until Sunday due to the fact that all my shifts this week are nights. Unless one of my on call days they don't need me to come in which is unlikely.


Reply to Joseph

All of these postcards are for people @postcrossing

(Manitou Springs is my favorite little town in Colorado)

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