Friday, May 28, 2010

Throwback Thursday

My niece & nephew's school had a skate night at Crystal Palace last night and what a night it turned out to be! I was super excited to go rollerskating because I don't think I've been since middle school, at least. Not to mention we drove up in style a la mini van, so it was a complete nineties moment for myself. Crystal Palace & mini vans. Putting on those skates was so weird! At first, I completely forgot how to roller skate so I took my sweet time holding onto the wall and awkwardly walking around until I felt I had the hang of it. Luckily, I had my nephew around to help out so I didn't look like such a loser. We all went around once, got off the rink and sat down for a bit. I convinced my brother to go out again, determined to teach him out to skate. My brother always had a hard time rollerskating as a kid and I guess it doesn't get any easier into adulthood. I really don't think he has ever learned how to skate. Anyway, we go out again, I'm feeling 100 times more confident, actually skating and trying to teach my brother. He almost falls once but regains his balance by hitting me in the face and knocking my glasses off. Then, out of nowhere, down he goes. Unfortunately for him, he tried to grab the wall to keep from falling and dislocated his shoulder in the process. I freak. I absolutely hate seeing people get injured, especially family. I keep telling him to pop it back into place but he wouldn't do it so we all rush to take off our skates and off to the hospital we went.

The hospital's ER called my brother up quickly and once they saw him, made sure to get a room asap. Bobby and I run around the hospital with my niece and nephew, trying to break a $20 bill so we can get drinks and snacks out of the vending machines. For whatever reason there is absolutely no place to get change in a hospital at 8pm, so don't even try. After 2 hours of waiting around, Bobby decides to walk to the nearest gas station to get change. I bet my niece and nephew that Troy will be out by the time he gets back and the second I see Bobby come back, my brother's fiancee comes out. We all travel to get some food since my brother was sleeping. Once we got back, my brother was awake and it was time to leave. My poor brother is having an awful week.

On a lighter note, I woke up at 5 this morning. I really enjoy waking up early, especially when there are no alarm clocks involved.


  1. I hope your brother feels better! I love waking up early with no alarm clocks too! haha. It seems like the day is so much longer then!

  2. Haha, he'll be fine (especially with the pain meds they prescribed!!)

    It does make the day seem longer and makes me feel like I can get more accomplished.

  3. Gosh i'm incredibly jealous, I haven't been rollerskating in years!
    I'm sorry to hear about your brother though.. ouch. A dislocation sounds NO fun.
    And I totally know what you mean about loving to wake up early (without alarm clocks). I love when that happens because I feel like I wake up refreshed, and just get so much done in the early hours of the morning! But it's definitely a rare occurence with my midnight bedtime getting later and later. :)

  4. I was so excited to go and now I'm kind of never wanting to go back after what happened! Ha. I need some friends who won't injure themselves skating.

    I know what you mean by it being a rare occurrence! Before I started my job, I was staying up til at least 3am. I love waking up early and staying up late. Lame, haha :]