Monday, May 24, 2010

Reno, Reno, Reno

We were supposed to leave Reno on Sunday but as we were traveling on the freeway, traffic came to a dead stop and my brother accidentally rear-ended my step-dad's truck. Luckily, my step-dad's truck is fine but my brother's truck is pretty beat up. It was not a fun situation, especially for my brother but everyone was okay and that is all that matters. So, we all have to stay up here for another day or two because no car shop was open on Sunday!

My mom actually ended up getting married and it was a nice, cute little wedding and we all had a lot of fun. We went to Claim Jumper afterwords and I ate the most food I think I will ever eat in my life! After dinner, we changed into regular clothes and traveled to Sparks to check out the sporting goods store, Scheel's. That store is a trip and a half! They have a ferris wheel inside of it as well as a bunch of games dealing with the section of the store you're in (like shooting games in the gun section). I rode the ferris wheel twice, it was only$1 to ride, and after getting off the first time there was this huge group of kids who looked like they just got out of their prom. That was kind of weird to see: get out of prom, go to Scheel's, take prom pictures at the store and then ride the ferris wheel. Bobby rode with me the second time on the ferris wheel and he was freaking out while I was laughing the entire time. I absolutely hated it when we had to be stopped at the top to let other people out, but when it is moving, I am okay.

Today we are going to find out what to do with the car and possibly leave, depending on the car situation.


  1. It sounds like you are having fun! We have a scheels with a ferris wheel too. I'm not a big fan of it though lol. They also have wax statues of some presidents. My husband is freaked out by them haha! Have a great week!

  2. Yeah! They had the presidents at that one, too. The ones that moved were the creepiest.

  3. Thanks for checking out our Ferris wheel in Sparks. I loved reading about the prom group. I don't think we ever imagined the store being used for prom pictures when designing the place, but I sure would love to see how the pics came out!

    Matt L.