Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Days

I had a lot of fun at my niece's track meet on Friday. I didn't end up visiting any of my teachers but that's alright. It was cool kind of doing sports photography, I think I got some pretty cool pictures of my niece. I brought my Instax camera and my nephew was so interested in it! He ended up taking like 13 pictures, he really loves old cameras and old stuff in general. Both my niece and nephew think I'm super cool because I have typewriters and old cameras (Plus, I am pretty cool). It is nice seeing younger kids interested in stuff they've never even used or heard of before.

Friday night, Bobby and I went to see our favorite local band, Asterionella, play a show. It was at this bar called Boomer's and they went on around midnight. An amazing show, as always. Anybody who reads this should definitely check them out, their sound is awesome and they put on a great show! Plus the 2 guitarists, Richard & Kelly, are Bobby & mine's doppelgangers. They do not look like us but seriously are almost exactly like us. It's awesome.

And that was our eventful weekend... quite. Sometime today we are going to my mom's to hang out and so I can pick up my screen printer and photo albums. Then we will go gamble with free money and hopefully win some money.

If Bobby and I do not have a job to go to by this weekend, we will be traveling with my family up to Reno to check out land for sale. My brother is really set on buying a lot of land and we'd all live on a cute little family compound. I don't really want to live in or around Reno but land is fairly cheap up there. We are also going to look into land in Colorado but Reno is a shorter drive and my family only has Friday-Sunday off of work to go.

Letter and some goodies going off to a new mail friend (don't want to ruin the surprise!)

Another letter & goodies going off to another new mail friend

All of the mail I will be sending out tomorrow. 2 postcards for Swap-bot swap and 1 for someone on Sendsomething. The flat rate box is for Becky over at Going Postal, it contains some origami goodies.

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  1. oh your mail is the cutest. would you like to be penpallllls?