Monday, March 22, 2010


We got the Jeep fixed Monday afternoon in Ozona, apparently our thermostat seized so that was replaced. It was pouring rain that day and we decided to walk to Sonic to get food. Once we left and made it into Sonora we agreed to stay the night there because we were all soaking wet and Bobby & Guy were freezing. For whatever reason, I was completely comfortable and not cold at all in my wet clothes. Who knows! We started our drive to Austin on Tuesday, March 16th and arrived just in time to watch Lost! Guy's friend, Ryan, is letting us stay at his house. Definitely enjoying not paying for motel rooms.

Austin is pretty awesome. South by Southwest is over now but we managed to catch some cool bands. Not too many, though. Highlight of the whole thing was definitely seeing Mos Def. He played a lot of his new stuff which I have yet to hear but we had a great time. Plus it was free! How can you beat that? Bobby and I missed seeing the Black Keys because we had our Jeep at the mechanic that whole day. Guy said it was amazing and he also saw the GZA perform, lucky lucky! I missed the Metric show because I didn't know about it until 2 days after they performed. Very bummed about that because they also played in Vegas this month, I think, so I missed them twice.

Checked out this bookstore, which wasn't all that amazing but they did sell stationery and I bought the Good Mail Day book. After reading through it and seeing they included an envelope template, Bobby and I drove down to the Goodwill, purchased some books to cut up and make envelopes. I had so much fun making envelopes and last night I wrote like 15 postcards. I am definitley going through some mail withdrawl. :)

Excited to check out downtown Austin when it isn't so crazy due to SXSW. Bobby and I want to check out this bookstore, MonkeyWrench, which is an "all volunteer, collectively-run radical bookstore." Sounds awesome!

So we are going to be staying here for 2 more weeks and then heading out to Colorado. I am very much excited to see my Grandparents!!

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