Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silver City

So we arrived in Silver City just as the snow was starting to come down. We ended up staying 2 nights in a hotel because we were not going to camp in the snow! Our first night in town was spent in the hotel room, nice and warm! On Sunday we drove to the downtown area, had some coffee and checked out the antique store they had. Most of the shops were closed, so we didn't stay there too long. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to be there during the week. After we left downtown, we drove into through the Gila National Forest, which is so beautiful. We stopped at Lake Roberts, saw two deer and walked around for a bit taking in the scenery. The day we left we found out the place we were supposed to go to next, Whiskey Creek Dude Ranch, got snowed in, so they told us not to bother coming. Since we had 2 weeks free, we decided to head up towards Coonridge Goat Farm, the place we lined up to be at after Whiskey Creek, to see if we could start working their earlier.

Monday we left Silver City to go to Socorro. The drive there was incredibly scary for the first hour or so because we had to go through the Gila forest again while it was snowing. The two lane road was covered in snow, the snow plows barely made a difference. We managed to make it out of there but not before we slid into a snow pile, luckily not off a cliff! After we were out of the forest, it was a very nice drive: sunny and at times a light drizzle. Stayed 2 nights in Socorro because we wanted to watch Lost on Tuesday :]. Socorro didn't really have anything to do. We went down to the Rio Grande so Bobby & Guy could go fishing but they didn't catch anything. Managed to get a hold of the lady at Coonridge and she is going to meet us in Albuquerque on Friday and we will head down with her back down to Pie Town to become goat farmers!

I also got an awesome Pteodactyl skeleton toy! I plan on getting a tattoo similar to this, one day. I love it!

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