Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prescott Just Like Biscuit

Bobby, Guy, and I left for our WWOOF adventure on Thursday, February 4th. We arrived in Prescott, Arizona that night and met a friend of Guy's, Luke, and his roommates who we would be staying with for two nights. On Friday Bobby & I followed Luke's roommate, Tyler, down to an auto shop because our Jeep was having some RPM issues. After we dropped off our Jeep, we went with Guy to the Prescott College cafe where Luke was giving a school presentation. Ate some free vegan breakfast, smoked a lot of cigarettes, hung out by the river, and eventually went back to Luke's place. That afternoon we went to a forest to go shooting, got our Jeep back, and climbed a lot of rocks. Friday night was the last day of classes for most kids, so it was an exciting night for Prescott. We walked with a bunch of the kids to some housewarming party. Bobby & I left early because we don't drink and are definitely not very social :]

Saturday morning we started our journey to Desert Monastery, our first place to WWOOF.

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