Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charlie is a Heartbreaker

Saturday, February 6th, we left Prescott in hopes of arriving at Desert Monastery the same day. Unfortunately, our Jeep did not feel like driving that day and we ended up breaking down at least 4 times. Three of those times, a coolant hose had split leaking coolant everywhere. Luckily we were able to poorly fix it and keep driving but the last time the same hose split, we were out of coolant, had no water and no replacement hose so we ended up calling for a tow to the nearest town, Holbrook. The other time we broke down we had to replace our alternator. Our Jeep, Charlie, was nice enough to die as we were coming down a hill and we were able to coast down the off ramp, right next to a mechanic shop. A lot of money later and Charlie is behaving nicely.

We got a tow to Holbrook, Arizona and spent the night in a hotel. Sunday morning we walked up the main street looking for an auto parts store. We didn't find the auto store we were looking for but found a small one that had what we needed, coolant hose. We get back to the hotel, check out & replace the split hose. Off on our journey once more!

Holbrook is such a weird town. A beautiful, depressing town. Most buildings are boarded up and old. Even during the weekdays there doesn't seem to be much going on but there are a lot of people walking up and down the sidewalks of the main street.


  1. I love the travels. I also think it's funny your Jeep is named Charlie.
    That is also my cat's name.

  2. Thanks!

    Charlie is the best name! My boyfriend and I love Charlie from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia :]