Thursday, February 25, 2010


We had planned to stay in Socorro until we either found another farm that we could stay at for two weeks or go to the Coonridge farm early. Socorro was close to Coonridge but the lady from Coonridge told us to meet her in Albuquerque, so here we are! Yesterday was our first day here and we drove down Central Ave, looking at all the awesome shops and buildings, made our way to Old Town to grab some lunch. We decided to go to Church St Cafe, which was an awesome choice because it was the best Mexican food I have ever had. A little pricey but totally worth it because they give you sopapillas! It was so delicious. After lunch, we farted around Old Town for a little bit but it wasn't much more then art galleries and other fancy stores. Drove back downtown and walked around there, Bobby really wanted to see the Amtrak station because he loves trains. Downtown was pretty much full of food and coffee shops so we didn't stay too long. We wanted to check out a lot of the antique and thrift stores we saw when driving but it was already 6:00pm and they were all closing.

Today we are supposed to go to the BioPark but only if the boys get up before Noon. I hope so because I want to see some animals!!! After the BioPark we are going back to check out all the antique and thrift stores and then possibly see the Fourth Kind at 10pm tonight. We were supposed to go last night but we were all too comfy in the hotel room.

Tomorrow we meet the lady from Coonridge and follow her back to Pie Town to become goat farmers! I am so excited to learn how to make cheese and play with goats.

Yesterday Bobby brought up the idea of taking a train from Denver to Chicago, from Chicago to D.C, from D.C. to Raleigh. Guy has a friend that lives in Raleigh who would let us stay with him for as long as we'd like. I hope that this ends up happening because it would be so fun!

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